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DamGate® 8" flood irrigation gate

DamGate® 8" flood irrigation gate

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DamGates® are designed for use in PVC or aluminum pipe for gated flood irrigation. Dam Gate® 8" fits 8-10" pipe and fits the standard 1-1/4” x 2- 5/8” rectangular openings. 

DamGates® are the top-selling, highest quality flood irrigation gate in today's irrigation industry. For the last 40 years, DamGates® have been the leading name in gated flood irrigation with field-proven performance and 90-GPM water flow at 6 feet of head.

DamGates® allow precise flow control. They are designed with slide mechanisms so farmers can easily make adjustments to the water flow to help reduce runoff.

The spring tension is at the center of the gate for equal sealing, minimizing water leakage and waste.