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Ag Irrigation Sock: 4" x 40" gray over brown/black mesh, closed

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Ag Irrigation Sock: 4" x 40" gray over brown/black mesh, closed:

  • flat size approx. 6" wide x 33" long
  • solid top half: gray coated polyester fabric (UV and water resistant)
  • mesh bottom half: brown/black open weave, textured polyester mesh
  • end sewn closed except for a 1" opening on one side
  • 2" cuff on top will lace onto aluminum clips (sold separately)
Irrigation Erosion Control Socks:   
  • manufactured onsite at Cobco
  • stocked in several sizes, materials and configurations
  • custom orders are available
  • for row watering during agricultural irrigation
  • slow the velocity of water at the outlets on irrigation pipelines
  • prevents washing out basins where the water enters a furrow
  • clipped over openings in polypipe, pvc pipe or aluminum pipe