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Cobco patented eXcluders:  Patented by Cobco, "the eXcluder" is a lateral line strainer that comes in two sizes:  5/8" and 3/4". It installs inside the center pivot mainline pipe at the pipe outlet. It strains off sand, gravel, rust and other trash from the outlet that are large enough to cause a stop-up. 

"The eXcluder" is self-cleaning when properly installed. The items that are strained off pass to the end of the pipeline, where they are flushed. 

"The eXcluder" is simple to install. Align with the flow of the mainline pipe and press into the outlet nipple or threaded gooseneck, then screw the nipple into the mainline pipe. The basket strainer of "the eXcluder" extends into the mainline pipe to strain the water leaving the pipeline.

 "The eXcluder" offers very little restriction. The inside diameter is 1/2" and the open area of the strainer basket is 1/2" on each side. Slots in the basket are .050" wide to strain off parts that will plug a #4 nozzle (.065").

 You can eliminate 90% of nozzle-plugging on a center pivot by installing "eXcluders"  in the first three spans of a new system.