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Polypipe lay-flat irrigation tubing (polytubing)

Poly-Pipe lay-flat flexible irrigation tubing is the lowest cost irrigation system you can get for row-cropped, leveled-to-grade farmland. It is used for flood irrigation of row crops, grains, alfalfa, pastures, trees and vines. Polytubing allows precise adjustments so exactly the right amount of water is released for the conditions. Polypipe can also be used to simply transport water from one point to another or used as a barrier to prevent flood damage. 

Cobco stocks white lay-flat poly-pipe tubing in quarter mile rolls (1320') in the following diameters and gauges (but can special order others):

  • 5" x 6 mil (500' only)
  • 7” x 7 mil
  • 7" x 10 mil
  • 9" x 7 mil
  • 9” x 10 mil
  • 10” x 10 mil
  • 12” x 10 mil 

Stocked rolls are sold individually or by the pallet. Special orders are available for pallets of additional sizes, transfer pipe and special tri-ply polytubing.  

Used polypipe is never recycled into irrigation tubing, but can be recycled into other products. 

Click links for more information about optional accessories available at Cobco including HOLE PUNCH TOOLS, CLIPS, SOCKS, POLY PATCHES and also adjustable SLIDE GATES & Hole PLUGS which help control water volume and shut off rows not being watered.