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Product Overview

Cobco, LLC manufactures, distributes and sells agricultural irrigation products in-store and through select dealers nationwide.  Cobco’s PATENTED products include:  Deuce plugs (4 sizes, double-lipped to securely plug polypipe) and eXcluders (sediment filters for center pivot systems) in two sizes (3/4" and 5/8"). 

Also EXCLUSIVE to Cobco dealers and customers are our Poppet hose drains and system drains for center pivot systems. In addition, Cobco manufactures and stocks erosion-control irrigation socks and aluminum clips in various sizes and configurations. Plus, Cobco offers poly-pipe lay-flat tubing, several irrigation gates, hole tools and other various irrigation related accessories. 

Cobco Custom Canvas offers custom covers & tarps for: boats, air compressors, BBQ grills, farm equipment, kennels, motorcycles & RV’s, trailers, patio furniture & TV’s, awnings, etc.  Choose from canvas, heavy duty vinyl, mesh, Sunbrella, Odyssey III and more. Cobco also repairs canvas covers and tarps.