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Double lip Deuce plugs for ag irrigation: The patented Cobco Deuce Plug is a double flanged hole plug for use with lay-flat polypipe in ag irrigation. It stays in place with or without water in your polypipe.  The large outer flange allows easy installation. Deuce plugs can be used with surge valves without losing plugs between surges.  Sold individually, in bags of 100 or in boxes of 1000.

Single lip plugs for ag irrigation:  Cobco offers single lip plugs in various sizes for use with lay-flat polypipe for agricultural irrigation. Sold individually, in bags of 100 or in boxes of 600-2500 depending on plug size. 

  • P32 PMI plug fits approximately 3/4" -1" hole size
  • W13 Caplug fits approximately 3/4" hole size
  • W15 Caplug fits approximately 1" hole size
  • W17 Caplug fits approximately 1 1/4" hole size
  • W18 Caplug fits approximately 1 3/8" hole size
  • W19 Caplug fits approximately 1 1/2" hole size
  • W21 Caplug fits approximately 1 3/4" hole size
  • P51 PMI plug fits approximately 2" hole size

POLYPIPE and HOLE PUNCH TOOLS sold separately.