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Hose Drain

Hose Drain

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Cobco EXCLUSIVE Poppet Hose Drains are used on the supply side of check valves to drain any reverse seepage that may occur. Since they won't silt in, they are ideal for replacement of 1" threaded drains in wheel roll sprinklers and center pivot sprinklers. They meet requirements for drains in "chemigation" check valves. These hose drains feature 1" male NPT X 3/4" male garden hose thread and are normally assembled with a 4 oz. low pressure stainless steel spring.  Hose drains close at less than 1# of pressure and open at 4 oz. pressure. Cobco hose drains feature ABS and PVC plastic parts including rubber seals that are chemical and ozone resistant. . The insert model can be assembled with many different PVC fittings to make several different valves, including air vents, vacuum breakers, checkvalves, etc.

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